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Who doesn't love a little boogie? We sure do! 
So turn on that boombox and shake what your mama gave y... WHAT?! It's broken?!

Honey, take this Tubergun, gather your Pal'tatoes and meet me on the dancefloor. It's party time!


Super Pal'tatoe's Escape to Fonkky Town is a funny platforming game where you use your friends as ammo in order to reach the dancefloor. Gather as many as you can and enjoy the music.

Developed in 48 hours for the Train-Jam #2 - Theme: Potatoe.


Q/D - left/right
Z/Space - jump
Click - shoot
R - call back your Pal'tatoes


Game Design and Words: Charlotte Defives, Antoine Rey
Art: Horace Ribout
Programming: Simon Feugeas, Simon Moisan
Weird sounds: Charlotte Defives


Font: Bubblewump by Dan P. Lyons under Freeware License
Background Music: Get Outside by Nokoda courtesy of the artist
Final Music: Dance in the Rain by Snowflake (dotjotdisco Remix) under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0 (Non-Commercial)


BuildV1.1.zip 71 MB

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